Basic Log Analysis Workshop

This workshop could be tailored from a 1 hour lunch-n-learn format for the logs common in our industry to a 1-2 day more comprehensive course including both open hole and cased hole measurements. A typical course outline is provided below.

  • Introduction and historical overview of the wireline logging industry
  • Goals of formation analysis using wireline or LWD measurements
  • Wireline Measurements commonly used to evaluate the subsurface
    • Depth measurement
    • Correlation Logs – Gamma Ray, SP, Collar Locator
    • Resistivity Logs – Induction, Laterolog, Array
    • Porosity Logs – Neutron, Density, Acoustic, Dielectric, Magnetic Resonance
    • Formation Imaging – Acoustic, Micro-Electric
    • Mechanical rock Properties
    • Cased Hole Evaluation Tools – Cement Sheath Evaluation, Porosity measurements, Synthetic Open Hole log estimation
  • Fundamentals of Formation Analysis Techniques
  • What do we do with all this information