Mechanical Rock Properties Evaluation Services   
Stimulation Petrophysics Consulting includes a mechanical rock properties analysis as an integral part of every analysis. This modeling is based on standard equations for Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio and the Eaton Minimum horizontal stress. These models are driven from the compression and shear slowness acoustic measurements. For the case where direct acoustic measurements are not available, SPC uses the Composite Mechanical Rock Properties, SPC 108139; 2007 to estimate the acoustic slowness. In all cases, if the measured data exists, then it is used in the evaluation. In addition to the mechanical rock properties, a continuous interpretation of the Zobak-Moos Stress Polygon is also included to identify the modern day stress state for each depth. Also provided with the Rock Properties evaluation are the Unconfined compressive strength is also calculated to assist in drill bit design, minimum, and maximum mud weights to shear and tensile failure and hoop stress failure in compression and tensile. Benefits of the Mechanical Rock Properties Evaluation Log 
  1. Estimating Missing Sonic Data: Developing a model to routinely create synthetic sonic logs based on measured sonic results
  2. Rock Property Calculation: Make it a routine part of your evaluation
  3. Frac Model Inputs: Derive the inputs necessary for importing into the frac model of your choice
  4. Stimulation Zonation; Use the data to help select zones to combine in a single stage