Specializing in Unconventional Reservoirs and Mechanical Rock Property Analysis

Stimulation Petrophysics Consulting was founded in June 2010 and is located in Littleton, Colorado. Stimulation Petrophyiscs offers a wide variety of specialized analysis products to help make practical use of the petrophysical data of each of its clients. Whether the reservoir under investigation is a conventional high permeability reservoir or an unconventional reservoir (those in need of hydraulic stimulation), Stimulation Petrophysics Consulting can assist with your analysis.

This website will introduce you to the services Stimulation Petrophysics Consulting provides. It will give you some history about us. You will find links to publications that have been written and Apps that are available for your electronic devices. Please look around and see if the services we offer can help with your formation evaluation needs. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our services.


Mike is the president and founder of Stimulation Petrophysics Consulting, LLC. He has over 44 years of oil field wireline logging and formation evaluation experience.…
Office Administrator
Nadine is the behind the scenes person, taking care of all the administrative detail for Stimulation Petrophysics Consulting. She has been working with Mike since…